NCHF Australia

The National Strategic Framework 2004 - 08 was launched on 18 November 2004 by Dr Owen Donald, Director of Housing Victoria as part of the Swinburne University’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations. The Framework will soon be distributed to stakeholders nationwide and is now available for download here (850K PDF). The Forum acknowledges the valuable contribution of the Community Housing Federation of Australia, peak community housing organisations and government officers in each of the States and Territories around Australia, who provided vital support during the consultations. For more details and photos from the Launch take a look at What’s New.

A new research publication entitled Risk Management in Community Housing - Managing the challenges posed by growth in the provision of affordable housing is available now for download here (367K PDF). The report by Hal Bisset and Vivian Milligan with assistance from Barbara Livesey complements the previous Forum report by Barbara Livesey Corporate Governance in Community Housing. This latest report first gives a brief historical summary of how the key issues have evolved. It then scans overseas experience for lessons relevant to the Australian context. Finally, major developments from within Australia are examined and the researchers explore medium term implications for stakeholders.